Thursday, 13 March 2008

Every Little Helps

The story so far: Tesco says it needs government help to beat its adiction to offering massive discounts on booze - while continuing to offer incredible market-beating offers.

Update on my previous Hardy's wine 'beat the budget' three for a tenner post... Due to the vagaries of Tesco pricing policy you'll actually get an even bigger discount if you buy at a smaller Tesco. Work that one out.

Well Tesco Express have the single bottle price at £5.14 (20p more a bottle from the £4.98 charged in the big stores). So when they calculate the 5% wine saving on purchases of 6 bottles or more (using the single bottle price before discount) an extra £1.54 comes off - rather than £1.49. Not a huge saving, not even quite a penny a bottle, but as they say; 'every little helps...'.

Of course this update should now come with a DRINKAWARE label. This is the sensible health warning that supermarkets insert in their advertising so that they don't have to do anything sensible about their pricing.

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