Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Here's to the Chancellor

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor who invested £3,500 on behalf of every tax payer in teetering Northern Rock has to balance the books somehow. 14p on a bottle of wine is the answer apparently - announced in the budget this afternoon and due to take effect midnight Sunday. This will also obviously contribute massively to the current binge drinking problem...Or as the Chancellor said in his speech 'the average price of a bottle of wine has decreased from £4.50 a bottle to £4 today'. Clearly adequate justification for an inflation busting duty hike.

For those of us who dislike paying extra tax here's a current shopping tip and a note about hypocracy at our leading supermarket. A couple of weeks ago Tesco was begging the government to save them from their addiction. 'Stop us selling cheap booze!' they pleaded; 'we just can't stop - we need legislation to ban cheap supermarket booze offers! Please, help!' ('but we don't need any help with plastic bag waste thank you very much, we've got that under control').

This week's special offer at Britain's biggest grocer will help the wine stockpilers but won't help Tesco's case. Hardy's Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon - not bad if you like a full bodied Aussie red - is £4.94 a bottle, or £10 if you buy 3 bottles. Even better - why not buy 6 bottles? That way you'll get 5% discount as well. But not just 5% on the £20 but 5% on the £29.64 - the full price of 6 individual bottles. So you leave the store with 6 bottles at an average price of just £3.10 (total price £18.61) a massive 37% saving on the single bottle price. Hic.

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