Saturday, 29 March 2008

Our finest hour

Willie Walsh, the barely coping Chief Executive at BA says of the T5 fiasco 'It wasn't our finest hour'. It drags on into its third and fourth day - so not quite an hour Willie. How long before his bosses call it a day for him? Passengers all over the world are re booking with other airlines. The damage is almost irreparable. Worse it seems BA may face fines of up to £5000 per passenger for issuing a letter restricting hotel compensation to £100 when they have a legal requirement to provide it (on Thursday night the cheapest Heathrow room was £250). Willie was invisible when the chaos started, now its all 'mea culpa'. The focus is shifting to Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary (not so much mea culpa - as opus dei) who Jeff Randall in the Telegraph describes as one of least effective ministers of this or any other government. Ruth remains strangely quiet on this national transport disgrace.

Meanwhile Google, who I have chosen to host this blog, are having a fine 'Earth Hour' and have turned the lights out on their homepage. When I went to log on to write today it gave me quite a shock - what has gone wrong? - was my first reaction. The Google homepage is black (the homepage has been described as the most valuable real estate on the web, yet it remains ad free). Nothing is wrong. Google has turned out the lights in support of raising awareness for an initiative on carbon emissions. Apparently we are all supposed to turn the lights off for an hour today to reduce our carbon footprint. Google, who don't really do 'stunts' often also deserve full marks for confessing that making that making the page black actually consumes the same amount of energy as making it white.

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