Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The BA buck stops with...well not me actually

Willie Walsh, BA's chief executive has previously said the buck stops with him - admitting some responsibility for the disastrous opening of BA's new home at Heathrow's Terminal 5. Funny then that today BA has announced it is 2 other directors who are leaving - including Operations Director Gareth Kirkwood who fled from the TV cameras on day 1.
Meanwhile Mr Walsh is due to be grilled by the major shareholders this week. The airline has already said it expects the chaos to cost £16m. It could be much more - who's booking with BA these days? In another development the Royal Bank of Scotland group's insurance arm (Direct Line, Privilege and more) has said it won't cover bag losses from T5 for new travel insurance policies. So that's a clear message - fly BA and if they lose your bag that's their problem - not ours. Or perhaps - don't fly BA. Another reason why Mr Walsh will soon be clearing his desk.

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