Thursday, 10 April 2008

More telephony misery

It's all telephony problems today. An executive calls from the Chairman's Office at BT (see previous post and update). He explains they will investigate the poor customer service I have received and respond. Just for fun I set a deadline of 4pm before I notify Ofcom.

O2 have an altogether different customer service approach. UK based call centres, no endless menus to select from and people who know stuff (or more accurately have been trained). Unfortunately the bit of my O2 broadband service which delivers email to my mobile has abruptly stopped delivering. After an hour on the phone I discover that this is a freshly emerging fault at O2 HQ. I am assured they will come back to me when they know more.

A couple of hours later and I start receiving test emails to my O2 inbox (but sadly not my mobile). Then O2 call me to discuss my broadband service. They offer helpful general advice and reassure me they are working fast to resolve the email issue. I also have a 100 day money-back satisfaction guarantee on my side (but I doubt I'll be exercising it).

Meanwhile BT are very quiet. If o2 ever decide to offer home phone packages I will happily give BT the boot. I see from the various forums I visit that BT has lost a lot of loyalty over the sneaky way they've introduced the new price hikes.

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