Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Ofcom gets tough on 'adult chat'

In a timely (and completely co-incidental) anouncement following my last post about Ofcom being 'asleep at the wheel' the communications regulator has said that the TV programmes and TV channels which appear to rely on generating premium rate telephone calls for revenue (Five's Quiz Call, and the Babestation Channel - among many others) will have to prove that their expensive viewer telephone calls (£1.50+ a minute) are in fact 'editorial content'. If they cannot prove this they will have to re-classify as TV shopping channels. This will also impose restrictions on the amount of advertising time.

The latest proposals effectively ban TV channels like Babestation - as under current legislation adult chat advertising is prohibited on free-to-air unencrypted channels. Quite how these channels have flouted the rules for so long is another question. Ofcom first began making noises about tightening up the regulation of the 'adult chat' TV channels some 2 years ago.

If you've never watched them prepare for a shock when tuning in to the 900 range of channels on your Sky epg (Babestation 906). Did you know that even went on on your TV? Your children and their friends can watch the girls as they pleasure themselves too - unless you've specifically set up the parental controls on your Sky box. The girlie presenters on some of the channels even explain which 4 digits on your sky viewing card you need to enter to unblock and enjoy the post watershed content! I'm amazed the Daily Mail has missed this story.


Sharel said...

There are lots of TV channel who help in increase the knowledge.TV not need for entertainment it help in increase the knowledge not only children its help every age group person.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why are tv chanels such as babestation allowed to be broadcast. I have only recently looked at these chanels and I have to say I found them absolutely disgusting. I was shocked how easy it is view them. Surely if someone wants to watch that type of thing there are many other options for doing so ie www. I know they can be deleted but you only need to search for more chanels and they're back on again. You can lock them but its easy to unlock them, you don't have to be a genious to work out how to. Ban them all I say. Is that going to happen sometime soon? JM

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