Tuesday, 20 May 2008

£5,000 to watch The Apprentice on your iPhone

This week a lawyer, while on holiday in France, decided to download the Apprentice to her iPhone in the belief that she had an unlimited data package on her mobile. Her office (who hire her the phone) called to say she had a £5,000 data bill!

Silly girl - You're Fired!
The mobile web age is truly upon us, but the cost is high - especially for people used to a fast connection at home.

I've seen the ads for mobile broadband - using a USB plug-in modem. It set me wondering if I could use my Bluetooth mobile to do the same job? But I couldn't easily find the answer on the web.

The oline community had the answer within an hour or so. Posting on the ThinkBroadband forums the answer was simple - run the CD which came with your Nokia phone! Well, that shouldn't be too tricky, even for me. I'm loving the information age.

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