Thursday, 15 May 2008

Dixons - Where are my DVD's?

The story so far: This is Dixons new CEO John Browett. I emailed him last month, finally he replied here. I wondered where the recordable DVD's I ordered back in February were. He told me:
'I don't know what I can say... I am using them (the complaints) to try and work out how to fix the business.'

Yesterday Mr Browett unveiled his plans to the city:

'We are going to transform the very DNA of our business'

announced the former Tesco management consultant.
His words received a lukewarm response. Unable to fathom his flowery language, city analysts looked at the numbers instead and decided they were bad. 1 in 3 of Curry's Digital stores will be closed down.

Mr Browett said the business (Dixons, Currys and PC World) had:

'not kept pace with its core customer needs'.

Clearly there's a lot to do But perhaps Mr Browett should start by keeping pace with customer needs. Here's a story from this customer who emailed him personally about a problem.

28th February - place order for 50 recordable DVD's with Dixons online.
29th March - email CEO John Browett to ask why Dixons can't supply such a basic item.
8th April - email CEO John Browett again to ask why he hasn't replied.
22 April - receive pathetic email from customer services suggesting I phone them.
22 April - forward the 'pathetic' email to John Browett.
22 April John Browett emails back to say he's trying to 'fix the business'.
15 May still no DVD's.

Talk about keeping pace with customers needs, recordable DVD's will be obsolete technology before Dixons get around to keeping pace with the needs of this customer.

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