Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I'm Picky about Pens

My Pick of the Pens - The Uni Ball VISION elite micro 0.5

I always carry a pen. Perhaps it's a hangover from my cub scout days. Every meeting we had to tip out the contents of our shorts pockets for 'inspection'. We had to produce a pencil, some paper or notebook, 2 handkerchiefs (one clean for use as a bandage) a length of string (in case your shoelace broke) and a 2 pence piece for the public payphone. All these items date me but the portable writing habit lives on.

I'm picky about pens (surprise!) I have a Mont Blanc and Tombow in my desk drawer but they haven't been used for years. They're too posh for my trouser pocket and the Mont Blanc fountain pen will leak if I use it on a plane.

My pick of all pens (I've tried many) is the Japanese manufactured Uni Ball Vision Elite 0.5 micro.
I don't know why the Japanese make the best pens, but they do. I only ever write in black ink and I never use a biro. These Japanese roller balls are my favourite - they write with rich black, non fade, permanent liquid ink and produce a wonderfully consistent line. This model has the added benefit of being 'Flightsafe' - so it won't leak aboard a plane.

These inexpensive pens (around £2.20) are refillable, so for the last year or so I've been hanging on to each pen when it ran out. They are a beautifully simple retro design and comfortable to hold, so to simply toss them in the bin when the ink runs dry seems sinful.

Of course no one sells the refills in the UK - or so you'd think if you visited any stationers. But online search and shopping changes all the old laws of supply. I've been saving my exhausted pens because a year ago I found a UK based company which sells the refills by post. They boast they are the only distributor supplied by the manufacturer.

Yesterday I made my first order from for a box of 12 Uni Ball refills at £12.38 (12 complete pens cost £22.99). My order was confirmed by email and another message arrived when they were dispatched. The package was delivered by first class post early this morning. I always appreciate a company which actually does what it says - so I emailed Cult Pens to praise their service - promising to spread the word. Michael emailed right back to thank me for the feedback. So here I am spreading the word.

If you're as picky about pens as me I'm sure you'll appreciate Cult Pens' passion for pens

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