Monday, 8 December 2008

Tesco - "Sir Terry Is Out of The Business"

Alarming news about Sir Terry via email from Tesco Customer Services

Last week I emailed my post about extortionate price rises on Tesco Value Roasted Salted Peanuts to Tesco Chief Executive Terry Leahy.

Today, a full 7 days later I received an alarming reply from Yvonne Edmonds Tesco Customer Service Executive:
Thank you for your email addressed to Sir Terry Leahy. As Sir Terry is out of the business, I have been asked to reply on his behalf.
Let's just review that second sentence again;

As Sir Terry is OUT OF the business...

Does the City know about this shock exclusive mistakenly revealed to the author of Adventures in Consumerland? What on earth will the impact on the share price be when it emerges that the CEO who has steered Tesco to become the most successful retailer in Britain (taking one pound in every eight spent on the high street) has left the business?

The email from Britain's Biggest Discounter continues even less promisingly;
I am currently investigating the details of your complaint and will contact you as soon as I have a response.
Could it really be a 'standard' holding email in which Tesco announces that Sir Terry is OUT OF THE BUSINESS?

Sir Terry, if you're reading, I'm sure you'll want to investigate....


Anonymous said...

It means he's buggerd off home an got 1 of his assistants to answer the email (not that he would anyway lol). Not that he's resigned o.O

The Chief Executive said...

Irony isn't appreciated by everyone...