Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Email and the Royal Mail

A week ago I received one of those red 'Sorry You Were Out' cards from the Royal Mail. The packet they attempted to deliver was 'too big for your letterbox'.

At home I usually nip along to the sorting office and collect these items, but I'm staying in Glasgow and the sorting office is difficult to get to.

The Royal Mail is often in the news for its failure to modernise, so I was surprised to see I could rearrange delivery via the Royal Mail website, which I did.

Re-delivery was set for last Friday, 13th March. An ominous choice as it turns out. The Packet didn't reappear.

Last night I emailed the Royal Mail to enquire what had gone wrong. According to their automated reply I can expect a response within 5 days.

Was my mistake emailing the Royal Mail to arrange redelivery?
Perhaps I should simply have posted their card back?

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The Chief Executive said...

Royal Mail did eventually return my email.

They were unable to deliver to the alternative post code I suggested.

Even though it was just 2 miles away from the original delivery address.

In the end I paid 50p to collect the item from the local Post Office.