Tuesday, 28 April 2009

On The Buses

The First 757 from Glasgow airport - promotional picture.
No the service doesn't actually depart direct from the plane stand...

Public transport is much maligned and certainly there is a lot wrong with it. The bus network in Glasgow, where I'm working at the moment, is especially unfathomable.

But First Buses surprised me today with their customer service. Yesterday morning I took the airport 757 service to the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SECC). The driver was unable to reach the final destination because of newly erected long-term roadworks. Instead, apologising as he did so, he dropped me some distance away.

Taking their customer service number from the bus shelter I phoned First and reported the problem. They said they were unaware of it and would investigate.
When I told my colleagues I had complained to First buses they raised their eyes in some astonishment that I might expect anything to happen. In truth I must say I didn't really expect to hear from First again.

Early this morning First phoned to thank me, to explain that the driver had also reported the problem, and describe how the diversion around the roadworks has been altered to accommodate their turning buses.

So well done First, you have silenced the cynics.


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