Saturday, 23 May 2009

American Express - Customer Service?

British Airways American Express Card

British Airways has just posted its biggest loss, £401m. It makes some extra revenue through its partnership with Amex. Spending on the BA Amex card is rewarded with BA miles.

To encourage existing card holders to recommend their friends Amex offers 2,000 BA miles to both the proposer and joiner. On 31 Jan I proposed a friend. I'm still waiting for the promised BA miles, and so is she.

2 weeks ago I telephoned Amex to find out what had gone wrong. They promised to call me back within 7 days and explain. They didn't.

Today I telephoned again. They said they had called me back two days ago and left a message. I said they hadn't. Could they tell me what number they left me a message on? No, because of data protection rules they couldn't. So far as I am aware there is nothing in the Data Protection Act which prevents Amex telling me what telephone number they have listed on my account.

When I asked for a manager to telephone me and explain their service failure I was told I would have to write in. It's a while since I wrote a letter of complaint, but if they insist.

I've taken the opportunity to remind Amex the credit card and their promotional advertising are both regulated products.

I'm surprised Amex were unable to resolve my complaint more helpfully.

I'll remember that next time I'm sifting through a wallet full of plastic.

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The Chief Executive said...

American Express have since written to me to apologise.

They agree my contact with them could have been handled more appropriately.

They have since credited both accounts with the missing miles.