Friday, 31 July 2009

M&S Photo Ban - Update

The Photo M&S tried to ban.
As a result of this photo M&S says it has removed and destroyed all the misleading signs

The Story so far: M&S staff reacted with hostility when I queried the terms of their 'Save 10%' wine discount promotion. I believed the offer was misleading. None of the staff was able to explain how the discount worked.
If M&S staff didn't understand the offer how could they expect customers to?

In a satisfying blow to the M&S section manager who told me the Legal Department 'never get it wrong' M&S has "immediately instructed all stores to remove and destroy" the above sign.

See my previous post: The photo Marks & Spencer Tried to Ban.After writing about my experience I emailed the blog to Sir Stuart Rose, M&S Chairman and Chief Executive.

This afternoon M&S Director of Food, John Dixon emailed to offer his sincere apologies that 'the terms and conditions... were missed off when printed'.

As a result M&S has 'immediately instructed all stores to remove and destroy the promotional ticket'.

John Dixon sits on M&S Board, so I appreciate his personal response. He explains in detail how the case discount applies.

"In future we will ensure all ticketing for this type of deal clearly states that the discount is applicable to multiples of 6 bottles only."

However his email is strangely silent on M&S policy towards customers taking photos of products on mobile phones. Two store security guards intercepted me when I took this photo and asked me to delete it. I have requested that Mr Dixon clarify M&S policy and since he concedes a mistake was made with the ticketing, I have requested an apology for the hostility with which I was treated in store when I pointed out M&S' error.

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