Wednesday, 2 September 2009

M&S Wine Watch - New Promotion

A colleague who has been following my M&S misleading wine promotion saga tells me that M&S have completely replaced the old 'Save 10%' promotion with a new 'Save 25%' offer.

He's right, they have.

Does that mean M&S shoppers save more when they buy wine?

Unlikely because they have also increased the price of many of the bottles (by removing other discounts).

But more importantly has M&S made the terms of their offer clearer to their customers?

Previously not even the staff could exlain how the discount operated.

M&S has now added their terms 'Discount applies to multiples of 6' and they've gone even further.

They have added tags round the necks of many of the display bottles (pictured) which also clearly state the terms of the offer.

While I was on holiday M&S's Head of Food Operations also emailed to say that he hopes I'll find that the new wine discount is 'clear and up to our usual standard'.

Could my email to M&S Chairman Stuart Rose really have prompted a nationwide rethink of M&S signage?

Yes, It seems so.

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