Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tesco - Still Stealing from Shoppers

Tesco Salmon fillets 2 for £6.....or £7 if you don't check your receipt.
Isn't that stealing?

Last week I wrote about my recent correspondence with Tesco about
the huge number of errors between the prices shown on shelf edge labels and the actual price scanned at the checkout.

Every Tesco has a security guard at the door - but who's stopping Tesco stealing from the customers?

Fed up with Tesco stealing from me I've been doing my shopping elesewhere - until tonight. Tesco are not much bothered about the accuracy of their shelf edge labels, so why should they worry about whether the price stickers on the actual p
acks are right either?

One pack of salmon is £3.50 , but the pack sticker says 'Any 2 for £6' a one pound saving.

But Tesco charged me £7, £3.50 for each identical pack.

Thanks Tesco, why not help yourself to my loose change too, or maybe some notes out of my wallet? Hey, how many more customers did you mug today?

The mannager explains the stickers are p
ut on at the distribution centre, but the offer isn't always on in all the stores.

Doh! Silly me, I should h
ave realised when I bought 2 packs, this offer is only on in OTHER Tesco stores....

She refunds me the pound, and I insist she gives me 'Double the Difference' as per Tesco's 'Really sorry we stole from you' policy.

See the question at the top of the receipt?

'How did we do?'

Tesco - you got caught red-handed, with your hand in my wallet.


DavidW said...

It's also worth mentioning that giving a misleading price indication (like a shelf or sticker price which is lower than is charged at the check-out) is a criminal offence (see s21 of the Consumer Protection Act) which is presumably why Tesco would rather bribe you with double the difference rather than deal with the local trading standards officer. S21 is always worth dropping casually into the conversation if the store manager is difficult.

John.Shirley said...

You asked 'How did we do' for my
5p a litre coupon on July 14? Not well as I passed 3 petrol stations on the way offering unleaded at 2p a litre cheaper than Tescos Bournemouth so in fact I only saved 3p a litre. Not at all happy.
Joseph.Shirley. Bournemouth

Anonymous said...

Who do they think they are kidding with the price drop thing? No end of items have shot up in price, a tiny handful have a few pennies knocked off.....for now.. Milk in my local Tesco has actually gone up in price, despite the letter/adverts etc stating it would be cheaper. I put mine back on the shelf and went to Lidls. Only reason I shop at this robbing store is because it dominates our area and next nearest superstore is miles away. If I ever move, top of the list will be NO Tesco in the area. I would guess over the last five years I have taken 60% of my shopping elsewhere, if everyone did the same they would soon notice a big difference and might stop thieving from us.

Geoff Abingdon shopper said...

We have been loyal shoppers at Tesco Abingdon for many years. Recently they introduced a system where you scan and pack your purchase as you shop, paying when you leave. On entering the store you swipe your ‘club card’ and select a portable hand help bar code scanner – you now scan and pack as you shop.
Great, we can now check the price as we shop .For every item we put in the trolley, we scan it and confirm that the price scanned matches the price on the shelf label. We shop once a week, and without exaggeration every single week there will be items that scan at a higher price than indicated by the shelf label. (A staff member informed us that the scanner uses the same price database as the checkout till)
My point is , had we shopped in a conventional manor , not using the hand help scanner, using one of the standard checkout till’s, then Tesco’s would have overcharged us on every visit.
Tesco’s can dismiss this as human error, items put on wrong shelf, thousands of products etc etc..
But in reality Tesco are stealing from us. – you try walking out with a bottle of gin under your arm and saying sorry I meant to pay, it was human error can I pay now that you’ve caught me !

Tesco’s are stealing from us, in our case the amounts range from few pence to £12 on one visit, but multiply that by thousands of shopper that still shop at Tesco’s and the sum are potentially very large.

voucher codes said...

When will tesco learn??

AndyM said...

I'm furious.

Just been to Tesco in Norwich where steak & kidney pies were on offer. Usually they cost £2 each but there was a 2 pies for £3 offer; so I bought 2 pies.

Ten minutes later I was at home where I checked the receipt but saw that I had been charged £4 for the two pies - £1 too much.

So, I stomp back to the shop with my receipt asking for my money.

But Tesco won't give me my money unless I show them the two pies (which, naturally, I'd left at home).

Clearly, Tesco are making things as awkward as possible for me. I am determined to get my money but most people would not bother with the hassle. Tesco should stop treating their customers like muck. This web site show that this is an ongoing problem with Tesco.

Alan Landor-Hope said...

The only way to shop at tesco is to use scan and shop. You go via the check out and they will overcharge you every time. Your choice.