Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tesco - Price Drop. Don't Buy It!

Tesco - Chocolate Chaos

I've largely given up shopping at Tesco. They are losing customers fast, even their own trading report to the City reveals customers are spending less with them. Tesco customers know a con when they see one, and they know the Price Drop campaign is a fraud.

When I do visit Tesco I find their shelf edge prices rarely match the price charged at the checkout. This is illegal. Tonight I bought a bar of Galaxy chocolate. On special offer at £1.00 but charged at £1.31 at the checkout.

Today the website hotukdeals was awash with excitement that Tesco had mispriced Terry's Chocolate Oranges. Customers who bought 6 were given a double multiby discount due to a computer glitch. Instead of £2.75 they were charged just 29p. Tesco made a big loss selling Terry's Chocolate Orange today, but if my experience is anything to go by up and down the country they were stealing 31p - or 31% from every customer who boought a bar of Galaxy chocolate.

Price Drop?
You need your wits about you everytime you enter a branch of Tesco

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