Friday, 2 May 2014

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - Not Worth Peanuts

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - Not worth Peanuts

Tesco famously uses Clubcard holders information to gain an advantage over rival supermarkets. They record every item you ever buy when you swipe your club card. They give you cash rewards in return, which you can also swap for other rewards.

Tesco aren't shy about revealing how much they know about your shopping habits either. Every quarter, along with the cash vouchers, they also send extra coupons equal to money off savings or extra club card points on items they know you are likely to buy, or have bought in the recent past.

Of course this isn't entirely foolproof. My partner also uses my card, so sometimes I get vouchers for things she has bought - like hair products - which I would never buy.

This quarter Tesco identified with my weakness for roasted salted peanuts. They sent me a voucher for 35p off any Tesco roasted, flavoured or coated peanuts or cashews 200g or 275g.

Great, so on one of my increasingly rare visits to Tesco (as with many other shoppers who are deserting the stores) I picked up a bag of Tesco everyday roasted peanuts 200g for 46p.

When I self scanned the voucher at the end of the transaction the computer refused to accept the voucher. I showed the voucher to an assistant, along with the bag of Tesco salted roasted peanuts 200g. 

'Tesco Everyday' products don't count' she said.

There was a time when I would have asked to see the manager. But that was when I regularly shopped at Tesco. Now I don't believe any of their claims, and mostly I shop elsewhere. 

This is Tesco's biggest problem. I am not alone.

I have sent Tesco an email pointing out that under the Consumer Protection Act if there are significant exclusions to an offer they must be printed clearly.

As you will see there is no 'exclusion' printed on the voucher, and the product is clearly branded with Tesco's name and also clearly described as 'roasted peanuts' the weight is 200g.

Refunding me 35p is the least of Tesco's problems. They are haemorrhaging customers, probably because nobody believes them anymore.