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Extended Warranty Mistake - Domestic and General

Domestic and General's Extended Warranty cost twice the price of the washer dryer

To start the year a couple of stories from last year... I hope they encourage you to seek the service you deserve during 2009. Both these stories are about extended warranties. They both have a happy outcome.

Just before Christmas a colleague was having considerable difficulty getting the manufacturer of her Worcester Bosch boiler to source replacement parts covered under warranty. Her family had no heating or hot water for several days. I suggested she email the CEO. She did, and the next day the company swung into action with full force - the regional manager ensured a rapid fix and she was still receiving calls at 11pm that night to check she was happy. It's disappointing when the only way to get service is to complain direct to the top, but it does seem to be increasingly true.

The second complaint took a bit more effort. A close friend was embarrassed to discover a company called Dom & Gen had been helping themselves to money out of her bank account. Upon looking more closely she discovered this had been happening periodically since 2001. Adding up all the payments it came to just shy of £700. She had no idea what the payments were for, but thought they might be life insurance premiums linked to an endowment policy cancelled earlier that year.

I tend to Google everything these days and came up with DomGem.com Britain's largest supplier of extended warranties. So what could she have taken out an extended warranty on? Phoning Domestic and General was of little help. She has moved 4 times in 8 years and there was no policy listed against her current address or any of the previous couple. The customer service agent was not only unhelpful, but obstructive and refused to escalate our call that Saturday afternoon, hiding behind the 'Data Protection Act'.

Of course I took notes of the time of the call, the operator's name, and the duty manager (who he wouldn't let me speak to). Then I phoned again and got someone more helpful.

Through careful questioning I discovered the payments were for an extended warranty on a Zanussi washer dryer purchased in June 2000. At first the payments were taken at twice yearly intervals, then quarterly and now monthly. They added up to £697.68. These sporadic payments were due to continue until July 2009. To request any refund I must phone Customer Accounts - who of course don't work weekends.

The appliance cost around £350 - half the cost of the warranty payments collected by Domestic and General. They claimed to have sent renewal letters - but to a property she had sold in December 2000. My friend gave the appliance away in 2001 when she moved to a new property which already had a washer dryer installed. So she was paying for a very expensive breakdown policy which she could never claim against.

My friend felt so stupid for not noticing the debits from her bank account, or failing to to act earlier that she also felt awkward about complaining. After asking a few questions I persuaded her otherwise. She had arranged with the Post Office to have her mail forwarded for 6 months after moving in December 2000 - which should have caught any renewal notices from Domestic and General. Also she is fastidious about filing paperwork, so after a going through a couple of boxes came up with the errant policy documents and a direct debit agreement. The policy appeared to automatically renew and the payments escalate as the appliance aged.

On the Monday morning I telephoned Domestic and General to make a formal complaint about the first customer service operator. I heard nothing back, so wrote to the Managing Director enclosing a letter of complaint detailing all my phone calls and copies of the paperwork, and mentioning the Financial Ombudsman Service. I noted that the policy had a continuous authority until it was either cancelled or expired in 2009, which I felt was unreasonable. The policy called for a new letter every time the payment schedule changed and this condition had not been fulfilled.

Less than 2 weeks later Domestic and General wrote to refund the entire £697.68 'as a gesture of goodwill' adding 'this is being made without any admission of liability'.

Domestic and General went on to write 'after looking at the paperwork you have provided we have also noted that when you accepted our offer of breakdown protection for this appliance you had also purchased protection with Domestic Insurance Services. This is a separate company to Domestic and General and so there was duplication of cover on your appliance for the initial period of protection. We will also be issuing a refund for this period.'

In fact the policy documents my friend had filed away were two separate policies. One sold by House of Fraser at point of purchase and then a second sold via post from Zanussi when returning the guarantee card. Even I missed the difference between a policy headed Domestic Insurance Services and another letter headed Domestic and General Group PLC.

The law doesn't allow for two insurance policies to be in force and so the first policy takes precedence. Domestic and General were ineligible to sell their policy and therefore all the subsequent automatic renewals were void too. My friend is £697.68 better off - although of course they shouldn't have taken the money from her in the first place, so it is rightfully retunred.

Keep your paperwork, keep notes and if you have a legitimate complaint about the service you receive don't hesitate to make it. As consumers we're well protected by legislation and regulation. Regulated companies will usually always honour their obligations - eventually.


BrianB said...

Read with much interest! I'm having a row at the moment with Domestic & General: could you let me have any names and ideally e-mail addresses of their CE, Managing Director or even Chairperson? I have the names John Pearmund and Ken Wilson from lengthy Googling but I can't find an e-mail address for either and those names may be out of date. Any info to me at
would be very much appreciated!

4 Aug 2009

The Chief Executive said...


Domestic and General have a corporate website hhtp://corporate.domgen.com look under the media centre photo gallery tab (left hand side)and you will see you have correctly identified the Chief Executive and Executive Director. I wrote to DomGen at their postal address following their published complaints procedure. A warranty is an insurance product, so you also have the option to refer your dispute to the FSA Insurance Ombudsman once you have a final written decision from DomGen.

Lilybean84 said...

That is really neat that Worcester did that! I am confused how she got a call at 11pm if they close at 8pm. Or was it the RSM who called?

I work there and I was bored lookin up peoples honest opinions of Worcester Boilers. Just came across this and was impressed. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

First of all a warranty is not an insurance, you have more financial security with a warranty than you do with an insurance but you can not get the FSA involved. and just a little info D&G are open 24 hours 7 days a week on 08444 810 104

The Chief Executive said...

The FSA do regulate warranties - but not when the seller of the warranty is also the provider of the goods. D&G do not to my knowledge sell electrical goods.

D&G may have a live telephone service 24 hours a day, but their accounts department to which they referred me does not operate 24 hours a day.

Here is a link to the FSA website and its position on warranties.


If you work for D&G and are proud of the service you provide please do take a moment to tell everyone why.

Anonymous said...

I've just been surprised to learn I have cover on hotpoint machine that broke in Summer 2009. When I called them that summer they said I didn't have cover with them so I bought a new one with cover! How can I prove a bloke told me I had no cover? I called from work so I can't access phone data as we have over 2000 phones on site.

The Chief Executive said...

You don't provide much detail - but ask DomGen if the representative made a note on your account to say you called and that your claim was denied. I suspect they should have done. You obviously thought you had cover when you phoned. Why was that - were you paying monthly or annually for your cover at the time? What did the representative say - any detail you can recall will help your case - can you pinpoint the exact date and time - they may have recorded your call. Look at your receipt date for the new machine and track the days back. Did you call during a work break - the more detail you have the better.

Do you have proof of purchase for a replacement appliance? What is it you want DomGen to do - do you want a refund of your premiums (because they failed to provide cover) or do you want them to pay for the replacement appliance (because you had cover but they declined to inspect the machine). Write to DomGem at their complaints contact address and explain what happened and what you expect them to do. Let us know what happens.

Anonymous said...

Domestic & General have been fantastic and I have policies on My TV, Sky and my Washer Dryer. I have found their terms and conditions to be excellent I have new for old for life as I took it out before manufacturer's warranty ended. Their helpline is open 24 hours a day and have always had the best service very polite and deal with my query straight away. The same cannot be said for other extended warranty providers a friend has had the experience.

With regards to their direct debit plans continuing unless you state otherwise it is perfectly acceptable as there t&c's explain this in black and white if you read them of course. I have found it is easier this way and its interest free, if you file your documents and keep a note of your renewal date you can ring to cancel if you no longer want the plan and it's simple to do.

The Chief Excectutive, whilst I agree if you have a genuine complaint you should raise it, in the case of your friend it isn't domestic and general's fault that she moved house, gave her appliance away and didn't tell them so they are right it is a good will gesture they can't be liable for anything, they sent her documents with full t&c's explaining it continues unless she calls them..they haven;t actually done anything wrong.

I can only praise them for their excellent service and clear documentation and displaying a real willingness to listen and help.

Anonymous said...

I've had DomGen cover for 3 years. Recently I have had a faulty washing machine for 6 weeks and have spent hours on the phone to DomGen. Who finally agreed to a replacement. Then took £200 from my bank account without permission. I work in a large corp and other here have had serious problems with them and I would not use them ever again. Such awful service.

Anonymous said...

I rang D&G and complained about a repair that was made worse by one of their engineer. The man I spoke with was very arrogant and insisted that if I cancel the policy,I will still have to pay them the whole amount. He was insistent and petulant. I told him that I wanted to make a formal complaint and he assured me that a complaint had been raised and someone will contact me within the next few days. I rang again a week later and someone else told me that someone will contact me. I sent 2 e-mails and received the same crap. After 6 weeks I rang again and asked what had happened to my complaint and was advised that in idiot called Mc----- had closed the case. I told the woman a few home truths, then she said that I could cancel the direct debit as they had failed to resolve my complaint. I cancelled my direct debit and the next day I received a letter informing me that my direct debit was cancelled. I rang the again and praised them about their diligence in writing for the money and was informed that the woman I spoke with had not put the cancellation on the system.
They are extremely good at taking your money but they don't have the decency to deal with your complaint.
In January, they took money for a camcorder cover which I had cancelled for 2 years prior to that. They apologised and refunded the money and I informed them that if they repeat that again, then they will be taken to court.

Advice: keep away from them

Anonymous said...

Its hardly domestic and generals fault when she didnt even let them know she was moving or check her bank statements. Shes lucky yo have got the money back,not many other companies would have done.

Alyson said...

Phoned DG to repair tumble dryer on 20/09/11. They could not give an appointment for 14 days. An engineer turned up without the required part and since then weekly appointments have been made, the latest today 24/10/11, confirmed the night before only to be cancelled on the day of the appointment because they do not have the part.

The Chief Executive said...


I'm sorry to hear about the terrible service you have received. You have some rights under the contract you have with Domgen www.domgen.com/termsconditions.html

The contract says: ...and our customer repair team are not able to resolve the problem we will in our discretion decide whether to approve a repair...or may pay the cost of replacing your equipment.

They have been unable to repair the equipment in a timely manner (they have had over a month) so now they should replace the equipment (it is unrepairable - because they have been unable to repair it).

Telephone them on 08444 810 500 and make your complaint - explaining that you would like them to replace the equipment - as you are entitled under the terms of the contract.

If they refuse email the managing director using the contact form on the website.

The terms and conditions state under 'replacement equipment' clause 3. when your equipment has been replaced your plan will end immediately.

I take it that this means no further premiums will be payable and you will also be free from dealing with Domestic and General ever again.

Let us know how you get on - this DomGen page has a lot of readers - literally thousands. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

In the summer our dishwasher broke down as the motor failed. We requested a repair and waited 6 weeks for an engineer to attend. On the Saturday that he did attend we were told he would receive a phone call in the morning to advise us of what time he would reach us. We did not receive a phone call so we had to phone the service company to find out when he would be with us. They advised he would be with us around 15:00. An hour later the engineer called us and advised he would be with us by 13:00 not 15:00 as advised by the service company. He eventually arrived at 17:30. There was no communication previous to this from anyone to tell us he would be late.

A few weeks ago our washing machine broke down with a door lock malfunction. Again we called the service company to arrange a repair and my wife was told that an engineer would attend the next week whilst I was on leave. He booked this in for us and then minutes later told my wife that this booking would not happen as there were no parts available. My wife advised that if it could not be done that week we would need a weekend appointment. He advised that this would not happen for at least two weeks and that we would receive a call when the parts were in.

My wife called the company and complained about the service we had received and was told that it would be investigated and we would receive a call from the service company within 5 days to tell us when the parts would be in and the machine repaired.

On 12th November, which was not within the 5 days we were promised, we received a phone call at approximately 12:15 from our ‘case manager’ who was looking to resolve our complaint.
He advised us that the parts were still not available but that the engineer could attend on Tuesday 15th November to try to fix the problem with parts that he might have on his van!! How is it that he suddenly has parts on his van that might be able to repair it.

I waited 6 weeks for my dishwasher to be repaired! I have waited 3 weeks for a washing machine repair only to basically be told that it might be able to be bodged together by an engineer who might have the parts on his van.

Appalling service and a disgusting way to treat customers!!

On top of this the‘resolution manager’ then told my wife that engineers did not come out on Saturdays and that our contract was for normal working hours, Monday to Friday. We have had engineers attend on weekends before so why is it now that we have made a complaint that we are told that our contract is Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00! Also if it is 09:00 – 17:00 why were we subjected to having to wait until 17:30 for your engineer to fix our dishwasher on a Saturday!

I have several policies with D&G for our white goods costing me £342.56 per annum and quite frankly I am not sure why I am paying this money every year to receive such a poor standard of service. When my wife advised their‘resolution manager’ of this he stated, in what she felt was a very belligerent manner, that if we did this then we would have to pay for the repair to the washing machine. There is nothing in the cancellation policy that says if a repair is made to a machine and a policy is then cancelled that the policy holder would be liable for the cost of the repair, it purely states that no refund of policy would be made. How intimidating??

Due to the fact that we have two children and work very long hours during the week in jobs that it is very difficult to take casual days off we were unable to cope without a washing machine for so long. I therefore had to buy a new washing machine just so we could carry on a normal life. I would have been better off putting the £342.56 that I pay to them in a savings account each year and just buying a new machine out of that! Instead I am £220.00 worse off due to the forced purchase of a machine – and funnily enough I did not take out the extended warranty when asked!

What a strange way to treat loyal customers...

Anonymous said...

I am currently have a nightmare with Domestic and General and will NEVER use them again. The staff are inflexible, belligerent and dishonest. I have a Hoover Candy machine - apparantly they pay for the parts and D&G pay for the labour ONLY. When it goes wrong nobody wants to take responsibility. NONE of this is made clear or even referred to in the Policy document!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I phoned D&G on 17th October about a washer repair, they came out on 21st, couldn't mend it, orderd a spare part that engineer brought on 31st Oct, it still didn't work, he said he was ordering another part, I had no further communication with them till I rang them on 14th Nov, to tell them that the 28 days had passed, with machine still not repaired and told them I wanted a new machine, they refused, and said the part was due in stock and that someone will attend on Wed 23rd Nov to install new part, but I think I should be able to have new machine it will have been broken for 37 days!!! What do you think???

The Chief Executive said...

In the first 6 months of 2011 The Financial Services Authority received 45 complaints about DomGen. Phone the FSA helpline and ask their advice. They are very helpful.

Maria said...

I have just had D & G finally agree to write off the applicance, £2700 american fridge freezer after numerous complaints and an incredibly dissapointing, ignorant and poor customer service. To clarify: first you make a complaint on the phone and they then transfer you to resolutions team _ the rude ones. The resolutions team can open and close the complaint (believe it or not) during the same telephone call. They then tell you (after arguing with them) that resolutions manager would review it all. My advise is following: the moment you come accross these defficulties, send an email to: customercare@domesticandgeneral.com
They are above anyone else and they are most polite. They are authorised to make final decisions to resolve complaints on behalf of board of directors. They are above resolutions team and quite frankly, much more professional bunch. If you do not want to be charged a fortune by calling 0844 numbers, call 02089467777 - their head office in Wimbledon switchboard, they director is there but there will be no chance that you will be put through to his office - I would email customer care first, they respond almost immediately and they also respond from a personal email address and their direct telephone number - this way you safe yourself some time, money and distress by skipping/avoiding resolutions team. They record all calls too. I hope this helps.

Maria said...

P.S. Also what they dont tell you is that if the appliance is not fully repaired by the thirty days of the first visit, they have to replace it or cash settle with you.

michelleb said...

Hi All, I posted earlier on 21st Nov, DomGen, have said they will repair my washer 30 Nov and have offered me £60 Good will gesture, but I have been without a washer since 17th Oct and believe I am entitled to a new washer as they have not fixed it in a reasonable amount of time (6 weeks. Their own customer service agent told me if it wasn't repaired within 28 days then I would get a "new for old" washer, but they are now telling me he shouldn't have told me that!! i have wrote to the Chief Exec of DomGen and this is what I have been offered. I have arranged for the engineer to come on Wed 30 Nov, but the lady today said if I hadn't have arranged a repair visit they would have wrote it off, by arranging another visit I have now lost the "writing off" of the broken machine. Is this right or are they just trying to fob me off????

The Chief Executive said...

Michelle - both you and Maria appear to have got Domestic and General to confirm their policy is 'no fix in 30 days and we replace or settle with cash'. This is not in their published Terms and conditions and will help many other readers. Michelle - hold out for what you are due (and have paid all those premiums for).

Anonymous said...

Just a question which Im wondering if anyone can assist me with.

My parents have had a D&G policy for a computer which they have paid on time every month for the last six years. Two weeks ago the computer refused to switch on - an independent IT engineer (family friend) diagnosed it as a minor fault with the power switch which could be easily repaired. It was returned to Comet who informed us that the insurance company (D&G) had written it off as unrepairable and that we would be offered a new computer.

Today they contacted my parents to inform them that they would be replacing the computer once my parents had paid £27 for delivery and the remaining eight months installments of the policy amounting to £58.

Is this correct that my parents have to pay out the remainder of the premiums in order to receive the replacement?

Terry said...

Hi Anonymous

The terms of your plan do sound correct. You are meant to pay the warranty fee in one go but Domgen let you spread the payment over 12 months so in the case of a replacement appliance you must pay all the remaining Direct Debits for the duration of the plan.
The delivery charge is part of the terms and conditions and is the same for all New for Old replacements carried out at Domestic and General.

Kind Regards


Terry said...


You seem to have provided a lot of false information here. Please let me clear this up for you:
*The customer care team are not 'above' any department, they are just the same team you deal with when you want repair details. They will register any complaint with the Resolutions Team who will investigate any complaint and make contact with you by post/phone. The Resolutions team are authorised by the Managing Director to make final decisions on behalf of Domestic and General.
*Domestic and General do not have a 'no fix in 30 day' rule. This is not written or unwritten anywhere. Every cased is judged on its own merit. It is information such as this which will see customers fighting for something they are not likely to get and will not help resolve any issue if used in a discussion.
*If you are unhappy with any decision made by anyone in Domestic and General I would suggest writing to the the Customer Care Manager at Domestic & General Services Limited, Leicester House, 17 Leicester Street, Bedworth, Warwickshire CV12 8JP

I will continue to check back here to continue to clarify any concerns people have regarding Domestic and General


The Chief Executive said...

Hello Terry. It appears you must either a. work for Domestic and General or b. Have worked for them in the past. If you work for them still it would be worth drawing their attention to the concerns their customers are voicing in this discussion.

Domestic and General's customers buy these warranties because they have bought an appliance they know they will use a lot and rely on for the smooth running of their home - a fridge, a freezer, a washing machine, a dryer. These are not luxury items they can manage without. That's why they pay for a policy - so if the appliance breaks they can get it repaired quickly or replaced at no additional cost. The warranty is not 'free' they pay for it, so when things go wrong we expect 'service'.

By keeping conditions about when a replacement is due 'secret' and by racking up delays of over 30 days to repair these essential appliances (for whatever reason - parts availability, missed appointments, difficulty diagnosing faults, or just trying to keep costs to a minimum) Domestic and General have made this the most frequently read discussion here. So far nearly 5,000 readers have shared this misery and frustration.

Here is an idea for Domestic and General. Rewrite the Terms and Conditions spelling out exactly what service customers are buying. This is not difficult. British Gas do it for their Homecare policies - they promise a visit in 24 hours and if they cannot fix your boiler and it is under 10 years old they will replace it. We would all love to see Domestic and General say ' We will send an engineer within 24 hours and if we cannot fix the appliance after 2 visits, or within 21 days we will replace it.

Finally Domestic and General must end the practice where they continue to take increasingly high Direct Debits from customers for years and years even though they have had no contact with them since the day they bought their policy. Insurance companies are increasingly attempting to 'lock' customers into policies until they 'opt out'. The Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority should investigate this shady practice.

Anonymous said...

I think D&G overstretch their engineers. When you call thay always seem to comment on how busy they are which results in you having to wait longer for your repair. I spoke to a lad on the phone who was only to pleased to tell me that D&G had thousands of engineers but I suspect too few engineers.

Anonymous said...

D&G have contacted me with regard to a washing machine I am supposed to have purchased and on which i apparently took out a policy for through D&G. An Account Dept. operative rang to speak to me- I was at work, so a relative took the call and upon my return passed on a contact name and number, which I immediately rang. I was told I needed the Accounts Dept., which naturally was closed, this being 6pm Saturday. I stressed several times, strongly, that I had not purchased a washing machine The same Account Dept. operative rang again on Monday; I was unable to take the call and tiring of waiting for them to call back, I rang. Grudgingly, another operative said, on being questioned, that the appliance was purchased in late 2011, and when pressed fuurthet, gave a date and month. I was told incorrect details had been entered and my details would be taken off the system. I asked that this be confirmed in writing.

How could incorect data have been entered and yet my name and ex-directary phone number be correct? Should I check with my bank to see if any direct debit(s) have been taken?

This continues- they rang again today (daytime); I was not in- they said they would ring again tomorrow , to be told by relative that was pretty silly, as like the operative, I would be at work and to try in the evening....

Thanks, Cait

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to be aware that Domestic and General are not the actual repair agent. The can't overstretch their repair agents, because they don't have any. When you call them you are generally referred to a third party company who are contracted to do repairs. The plan works in that you pay premiums so they pay the invoice of the repair for you. They are basically administrating your plan.

The repair agent (Indesit, Beko, Hoover Candy etc) are the one's that make the decision on a write off. Often plans are underwritten by Domestic & General and as such the decision whether an appliance is a write off or not is to be made by the repair agent/selling agent of said plan themselves.

It is also important to advise these service plans do not advise of how long you will be without your appliance without a repair because each case is different. Some people may have a lengthy delay due to parts required being manufactured in a different country, a 30 day wait may conjure up some compensation, but it may be that parts come in a few days later and as such the appliance will be repaired. Some people buy the plans to get a repair to their already broken appliance, in which case they would have faced a delay anyway unless they had decided to buy a new appliance. Some delays may be cause by customers not being available for call outs, yet if D&G wrote in their plans that there was a 30 day contract to get repairs done, wouldn't they then just have to pay for a new appliance for the customer, even though it was not the fault of the repair agent?

I can't say enough how vital it is to read and understand your terms and conditions, and to be aware that the repair agent has a lot of sway in the writing off your appliance. At the end of the day an agent sitting on the phone can not see your appliance, but the engineer is paid to make a decision about the future of your appliance.

Also, just read your comment Cait - it sounds like a case of fraud - maybe you should do an indemnity claim at your bank? If direct debits have been taken and you have not set anything up - then I would contact the bank to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Am also having a major problem with this company. We paid to extend a warranty on two machines during the the manufacturer's warranty. After 3 years they wrote to ask if I wanted to continue but as the machines were now 3 years old I decided I didn't want to and threw the letters in the trash. Unbeknown to me, they resurrected the dormant direct debit last November and I went overdrawn. The bank has charged me 125 pound, D & G have taken 70 pounds before I stopped the direct debit and I'm fighting to get my money back. Does anybody have John Pearmunds email address?

Anonymous said...

It's called automatic renewal, which is written in your terms and conditions. If you don't call to cancel, they don't know that you no longer require the protection. Unless you call them up on it within the first month of it happening you won't get the money back. You won't get bank charges back because they wrote it in the terms and conditions...and sent you the renewal notices which you threw in the bin?

Anonymous said...

John Pearmund won't reply to your email...he's the managing director? Why would he? Are you mad? That's like asking for the managing director of Orange...do you think they take calls? You'd be best filing an indemnity claim with the bank as you can say the payment was unauthorised.

Anonymous said...

Please do not insure with domestic and general they are a terrible company

Anonymous said...

I work for d+g although I've never been a customer of them I do believe I put up with a lot of crap just because people don't read there t&c's. If I was to set up anything where MY money was going to I would want to be 100% sure I knOw what im covered for.
I understand if you've had a bad experience with us you'd be annoyed but not every call centre representative is rude or sarcastic some of us are just doing our jobs just like I'm sure you all do.

The Chief Executive said...

Interesting - so because you work for d+g and are familiar with the T&C's you choose not to be a customer yourself. There's a warning there for anyone thinking of taking out a policy. I bet many other workers reading this buy, use and support their own products.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I don't have a warrenty is becase I live in rented accommodation if you must know! Why would I waste my time working for a company I don't believe in or support! All I'm saying is if your willing enough to get into a contract be smart enough to know your t&c's!

The Chief Executive said...

Very fair point, my apologies. You are completely right about buyers reading the terms and conditions and making full use of the cooling off period if they don't like them. The real problem with the policy appears to be the delay in replacing appliances when parts cannot be sourced, and that the policy is then cancelled if the appliance is replaced.

The auto-renew mechanism D+G relies on to keep customers is also a problem - (a growing problem throughout the insurance industry. Unless consumers actively cancel policies they can roll on forever) this is made worse because the charges escalate so steeply as the appliance gets older. Many customers would find it cheaper to throw the appliance away and buy a new one covered with a manufacturer's guarantee.

Anonymous said...

Its ok ha I do understand the problems. With the wait it can sometimes be long and it is what your paying for but I'm sure you know we wouldn't make any customer wait for anything if we could help it, and I think the reason why the dd auto renew is a good thin is because imagine if it didn't continue then something went wrong with your Mahine and you weren't covered you thn need to pay a call out chare etc. and at least with the auto renewal you do get the 30 day where you can claim the money back if you didn't recieve the renewal. Where as if it didn't carry on you'd have to pay for the call out and parts and labour. I am sick of doing the job Ido because I'm starting to take angry people personally and it's just not worth it! But d&g wouldn't be known as britains largest supplier of extended warranties (as said by yourself) I'd we had all bad expeirences

Anonymous said...

I have just been told by an arrogant D&G person that they are not legally obliged to fix an appliance within a certain time. They just don't seem to care if their customers are without use of their appliance for weeks.

gadget13 said...

** PROTECTION PLAN CON ** Read this !!!!
Just a word of warning to all customers covered by Domestic & General for a Beko appliance they have bought....Not sure if any other Manufacturers are involved or not. After purchasing all new kitchen appliances and registering them via the Beko website which cover is for **5 years parts and 2 years Labour** ... I shortly received a letter headed BEKO inviting me to cover my appliance as it is only covered for 1 year.. although the manual states if the appliance is fitted in a domestic property then it is covered for 2 years.. and it is confirmed on the Suppliers website and confirmed by BEKO customer services when I rang. I asked BEKO what this is all about , is it a con to scare people to get cover for something they already have at the cost of £79..but they said they are aware of this and it’s a problem with Domestic & General., to which I rang Domestic & General who transferred me to the ‘RESOLUTIONS DEPARTMENT’.. After explaining my point, I was told someone would investigate this personally, especially when I mentioned TRADING STANDARDS & WATCHDOG. That was 2 weeks ago and heard nothing, so a second phone call is on the way. How many customers do you think take out cover for “PEACE OF MIND” just in case things go wrong at £79 a time for each appliance when they clearly don’t need it ??????? Cant wait to see what bull@@@@ they come out with for the no reply.>>

Anonymous said...

Please stay away from this firm Domestic and General they are a complete nightmare and take weeks to sort things out when it goes wrong.
Just got a replacement machine after several weeks of chasing them up.
Its broke already and its apparently a discontinued machine.
I dread the next couple of weeks.Its like banging your head against a brick wall that never chips .

Anonymous said...

I work for D&G. I promise all of you that it is drilled into us from the first day of training that treating customers fairly is the most important thing we can do. Every call we receive or make is recorded and potentially verified by an external team, and if we tell you anything which is even a tiny bit misleading, we get hauled in front of our managers and screamed at.

If you pay by direct debit, your policy renews automatically unless you contact us to cancel it (and we contact you two months before the renewal date to inform you of your right to cancel). If we have to replace your appliance with a brand new one, the full annual premium is payable. Not only is this written in your terms and conditions, we actually say it to you over the phone when you are taking out a policy! Don't blame the company if you don't bother to pay attention to what you are buying.

Anonymous said...

Do not believe Domestic and General I took out a year/two year policy in 2008 and in 2010. I was ask to renewal which I didn't now in 2012 all of a sudden. Domestic and General has reactived the Policy's.

The rubbish given to me over the phone. When in fact all though 2011 not payment taken due to me cancelled the policy. But in 2012 taking the money out of my account and trying to make out that I had a five year polcy

Anonymous said...

domestic and general boiler insurence not worth the paper its written on called them with a overheat problem sent an engineer how said i need some parts would take aweek to come i waited a week with no hot water phoned d and g thy told me it was sludge damage problem and my claim was not covered in t and c s nobody told me this or put it in writing.the engineer was sure this problem was due to failed parts which i believed were covered in the policy seems somebody made a decision after he had been still without hw and have had to call a local firm to repair the prblem at my own cost. i bought the cover to avoid this. dand g say get a report and then cliam the cost ect

Anonymous said...

I work for Domestic and General and I'm sorry but if you have a problem with delays or anything of that sort with your repair, then it is the company in charge of your repair that is at fault and NOT domestic and general's fault. Make a complaint against the repair company and we will sort it out, as I agree and have been disgusted at how long they can take to get out to our customers. As I work in customer support I do fully care that our customers can go weeks without their appliance, so please do not have a go at my company when we a) do not have access to repair company booking records so cannot book things ourselves, so complain if you are given a date that is over 5 working days from your call, and b) we are only the warranty holders NOT THE REPAIR AGENTS IN CHARGE OF YOUR REPAIR. Talk to us if you have a problem, that is our job after all.

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting to read about the problems people are having with D&G as I am just about to canel our dishwasher policy. We were just about to start the 4th year and the policy price has nearly doubled from last year, so bye bye D&G. We will save the money away somewhere in case we need to get it repaired.
One very important point is that under EU Law, all new products come with a 2 year guarantee BUT in the UK this is overridden by the Sale of Goods Act which gives more time (typically up to 7 years) for a guarantee, although as mentioned elsewhere it is up to the customer to show the the fault was inherent in the product at the time of purchase by design or manufacture.

Anonymous said...

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you recieve from Domestic and General or any of the repair engineers we use, please let us know.

Resolutions Team - 08444 810 500

The team is open all days of the week, but we would recommend calling between 10am-4pm Mon to Fri in case we need to discuss your concerns with the repair engineer or one of our internal teams.

Anonymous said...

Select Option 3 then Option 3 again.

These options may change

Steph said...


Domestic&General are a living hell. I callled for an engineer in september 2012 to fix my washing machine. I have been told that I need to sign a protection plan, and the engineer's visit will be free.

After 2 days of waiting, no engineer show up, so dissapointed I called to cancel the visit as it was a urgent matter. They agree to cancel the protection plan, as NO SERVICE was provided!

I did not checked my bank account in depth (which is my fault), to find out in December 2012 that they had withdrawn funds with regularity as direct debit payments for the their Pretection Plan.

I mean this is THEFT,isn't it? Who does that? We live in 21 century, it's hard to believe that the actual government allows such companies to trade on the existing market.

So no service provided, I needed to pay for another company to send an engineer, while the payments went through into their bank accounts.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. many thanks

The Chief Executive said...

Hello Steph

By coincidence you will see from the 2 comments directly above yours that Domestic and General Resolutions teams have visited this site offering to resolve all their customers' problems.

They suggest you phone 08444 810 500 then select option 3 followed by option 3.


If you have inclusive minutes in your landline or mobile phone contract you can phone the geographic number 01273 387013 which the webiste Saynoto0870.com lists as an alternative for the resolutions team (Saynoto0870. com is usually a very reliable source for non-premium rate numbers).

Tell D&D all about your experience, trying to remain patient. Decide in advance what it is you want them to do to put matters right. That might be the refund of your premiums and some compensation for the 2 missed engineers appointments. Alternatively you might wish them to pay the repair bill from the other firm.

Please do write here again when you have phoned D&G - let's see if they do help you.

Anonymous said...

Domestic&General.Are making my life hell I will be telling everyone not to use them my washing machine broke down over three weeks ago....and after lots of phone calls they still cant tell me when it will be fixed...why it is taking so long to find a part for a very popular machine...its a joke i have had to spend £90 over the last few weeks to get my washing done I got the plan so I would not have the worry of being without it trying to get on with family life work etc is hard enough without having to go out to get my washing done all I want is my washing machine fixed or a new machine they wont help... all they do is pass you from one department to enough its poor service and they are no help they are rude and dont care after over three weeks nothing they should be replacing my machine if they cant get the parts I am having to pay to ring them and the amount of money I have spent on washing I could of brought a new machine..they dont care

The Chief Executive said...

Dear Anon - 15 Jan.

D&G Resolutions team posted here very recently (just above your comment) offering to resolve complaints like yours.

I suggest yoou phone them. When you have please leave another comment here and let us know if they make amends - then we can all judge how good D&G's promise is. Try and keep calm when you call despite your understandable frustration - you're more likely to get a result.

They suggest you phone 08444 810 500 then select option 3 followed by option 3.


If you have inclusive minutes in your landline or mobile phone contract you can phone the geographic number 01273 387013 which the webiste Saynoto0870.com lists as an alternative for the resolutions team

Annon said...

Hi,I have had an ongoing problem with the repair of my washer drier,this has been since November onwards.the solutions team at indiset solutions, promise and don't deliver.i have an ongoing problem,told I need the chief engineer back out again,they arranged with my self for one week which in its self was disgusting,then low and be hold he never came,but they sent a engineer,when I questioned it he phoned his office who told him that they knew that but the chief engineer was out the area....I waited one week for that.so after several phone calls,and a return call from management,I was offered £20worth of sainsburys vouchers for the obvious trouble I have been going through,I refused,as I thought what an insult....I then was told that I would have the chief engineer out to me today...I was told he didn't work on a Saturday,but due to the problems I was having they have arranged him to come out today...Saturday....but imagine my surprise when on Friday night,prior to visit,I receive a phone call from the chief engineer him self ,saying that he was a few doors away at another house on the Friday,but his bosses made a mistake.he then said I'm working tomorrow....and he could do an afternoon or morning...I chose am,but guess what when he turned up had no parts on board.so I have to wait till Monday pm......my anger increases at every comment...why lie...I was fobbed off today...and let's face it d&g should be there to support me,not let me fight my own case...if this is not sorted on Monday then I am taking this further,lies lies lies......I have had months of this and at my wits end...someone somewhere needs to take responsibility .in my eyes that's the person I pay money to for protection....not me,it has cost me money on call after call after call.

Anonymous said...

Back in November our Hotpoint washing machine became noisy. I called Hotpoint, who send a man out to diagnose a worn bearing (as suspected).

Hotpoint recommended that the cheapest option would be to take out a maintenance contract which would cover the necessary work and guarantee it.

I gave them an initial payment of £29.98. He left me with the distinct impression that this was to pay for the work, the rest being ongoing warrantee. Eventually, almost three months later (the part was "out of stock") a guy comes to fit it. Meanwhile, I'd been paying out £29.98 a month to - you guessed - D&G.

More recently it struck me that, if I kept shelling out at this rate, the whole thing will have cost me almost £200 - hardly the "cheapest option" for fitting a part that costs no more than a tenner! So I cancelled the direct debit, having already paid a total of about £75.

They have now sent me a letter containing thinly-veiled threats. Do these carry any weight?

The Chief Executive said...

Re The Hotpoint repair:

Earlier in this thread Domestic and General left a comment suggesting they are keen to resolve disputes on the following number:

08444 810 500 then select option 3 followed by option 3.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREMIUM RATE TELEPHONE NUMBER.There is an aternative listed on Saynoto0870

You might argue that you were mis-sold the policy (as it is in fact insurance) and you had to wait an unreasonable time for the repair. I suspect you have signed an annual agreement and are possibly liable for the first 12 instalments. However I suggest you counter-claim that you could have cancelled this in the legal 'cooling off period' (first 7 or 14 days) if you'd realised they would take so long to carry out the repair.

If D&G refuse to cancel the policy (and possibly refund the premiums) you can take the case to the Insurance Ombudsman which I think D&G will try and avoid. Phone D&G and lay out what happened in a polite but firm way and see how they respond. Ask them if they will stop writing threatening letters while they investigate. Give them 14 days to respond.

Insuring older washing machines at a rate of £360 a year (£30 a month) is almost never likely to be cost effective when a new machine with a free 5 year warranty can be bought for £450 (Samsung and Siemens are 2 companies offering such deals this April). Let us know how you get on.

Anonymous said...

D&G SERVICE PLANS ARE NOT REGULATED BY THE OMBUDSMAN. Citizens advice is your best bet. I would also suggest that if Hotpoint sold you the plan, a D&G call centre can not listen to the call as they are 2 different companies. Call indesit resolutions to help you with that one. Don't have a landline, only number I can find is 08448 24 25 26 (option 3).

Anonymous said...

Also, I just looked onto this and the mist expensive a plan gets for a broken down appliance is around £14.99 through both companies...not sure how £14.99 x 12 adds up to £300?

Anonymous said...

Our washing machine packed up the after we came back from holiday - a family of five worth of dirty stuff! First it took a while to get through to D&G on the 0844 number - probably cost a bit. The first appointment was quite quick - 3 days. However, the problem needed another visit with a part.... in 7 days. When that engineer arrived he could not fit the part as he discovered another problem. Now another appointment has been made ...7 days later. Our machine is 5 years old - so £400 already spent on premiums and the parts required are expensive (new drum etc). However, the engineer said they are always advised to fit parts rather than replace the machine - he often asks/suggests this to his boss. Also he said when engineers can't fix the problem they don't get paid! So he wasn't happy. I feel I'm beginning a chase around as I've already twice tried to call the complaints option at customer services only to be told both times that all their people are busy. Both times I hung up after about 10 minutes - what has that cost me? Also had to spend £20 at the laundry so far. I could have simply bought a new machine with the premiums I've already paid - I will next time. If the problem had been easily solved and I didn't have to call 0844 numbers then I would continue! It's a crazy way to conduct a business.

Anonymous said...

To the 'Chief Exec' (or Chief toilet cleaner, as you probably are):

I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that you, as well as your collegue, are fucking retards.

If it clearly states in the T&C's that the plan AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS, then surprise surprise, it's going to do exactly what it says on the tin, by automatically renewing.

As for you being petulant enough to complain about the agent you spoke to first, and believe you me, having managed many inbound customer support call centers, that complaint went NO WHERE... he was simply just doing his job. Not 'hiding behind the DPA' as you put it, but actually adhering to his company's policy, which is the same for all companies which are regulated by the FCA. That rule goes along the lines of:

- if somebody is phoning on behalf of somone else, the plan holder MUST give permission in person prior to any third parties contacting the company on the plan holders behalf. They must also correctly answer 3 security questions

So he wasn't "hiding behind the data protection act" as you put it, but actually following the guidlines of the Act itself, and adhering to his companies policy. And more to the point... Why is he going to risk recieving a discaplinary, and potentially lose his job, over some moody old petulant fart like yourself, who just wants to make somone who's only doing their job, have a difficult time.

Furthermore I think your friend is a silly cow who sould:

a) read her T&C's
c) realised domestic & general don't have a fucking crystal ball and therefor weren't aware that Mrs. Cunt Features has moved.

CONCLUSION: Get a fucking life and stop blogging complaints about companies that have in excess of 15 Million customers, because let's face it, you're a piss in the ocean. And a petulant, ignorant an annoying one at that.

If I get customers like you phoning in and one of my agents were to tell you to 'Fuck Off' instead of discipling them I would actually congratulate them.


Anonymous said...

Think the above 'essay' says it all about D&G.
Well done on your vocabulary, you must be very proud.....it is about as good as the agents at D&G...so one assumes you must work there too!!
Have a great day....sounds like your upset....boo hoo!!

Unless you have something valid to comment...keep your nonsense to yourself! :/

Anonymous said...

Given that this person posted as an anonymous person makes me think maybe they work for Domestic and General and doesn't enjoy helping customers. From my experience the customer service they offer is great. Shame this person has to let his or her employer down by spouting rubbish. I hope they track them down and give them some training on putting customers first and having manners

Anonymous said...

You will only hear bad news about things and never good. Working for the company is NOt something you should hide. Customers get told that their plan will renew automaticly for another year after their one runs out. If some one changes address then it is down to the customer to call up and change the address so the paper work about it renewing can be sent to the new address.

Anonymous said...

hi , new to this page , weve had domestic and general insurance since the late 90's and there service have gone right down hill .

we have a bosch washing machine and we contacted dom & gen on the 10th of november , bosch came out on the 14th , can't be fixed needs parts fitting , ok-ish , new repair man came out today to fit new parts that the 1st bosch repair man ordered on the 14th of november ,guess what ,washing machine needs more parts , next time bosch can come and fix it with a new motor etc is the 4th of december , disgusted i am , bosch said to ring dom & gen and see if they can change their mind , bosch said at the moment with new parts that are set to be fit on the 4th of december whole cost is touching £500.00 ( price of a new machine )bosch are not happy , but they say they can't do anything because its up to dom & gen to sort it .domestic and general have said that its within the 4 week period ( by about 4 days ) so it still can be fixed . im worried that when bosch come back out again on the 4th of december to fix that it won't be fixed , ive got four children and 3 of them have special needs . ive gone mad at domestic and general saying this i4 week period does not exist because it is not fully stated in your terms and conditions so you could just be making the whole thing up . i feel really betrayed by domestic and general considering we have been with them since the late 90's loyal customers .

my name mrs kerry allcock .

Jerry Foulkes said...

Kerry - earlier in this thread D&G claimed they want to listen to problems. Phone them on the number they have given there.

Remember this is an insurance policy - if you think they are making up the terms say you wll take your complaint to the insurance ombudsman - they will so anything to avoid this.

Good luck

Nick Jones said...

it appears Domestic and General have got a direct email which goes in to their Head of Customer Service and his or her team.


Anonymous said...

D&G are shocking and offer a shocking service. I don't mind taking a day off for a repair, which I did. Within an hour of the engineer leaving my house, my appliance broke again and now i am told I have to firstly wait another week for an available engineer to come out, but i will also be expected take another days holiday. I have said that is not acceptable that I have to penalised for the engineers incompetence and that I cannot afford to take another days holiday. They will not rake any responsibility or will not contact the engineers to arrange a suitable time where I am not financially penalised. They need to get to grips and they need to take responsibility for the engineers when they don't do a job we are paying for. I cover all appliances and boiler. I have been with D&G for years and due to their lack of help or willingness to be flexible and Rajesh responsibility, I am now getting quotes from other companies so that I can cancel all my policies. DO NOT get cover with D&G. I am disgusted and livid.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am having terrible trouble with D&G - they told me the part I required for my hob (a little black foot for the pan holder) was no longer available and they offered me a new hob - I had to pay delivery and installation and as I had just renewed my insurance at £60 odd pound that would be voided - so a big cost. I rung the manufactor only to be told the feet were still available I made at last 3 hours worth of calls to D&G I finally got someone in Customer Complaints who seems to be sorting as we speak. They are totally incompetent and I will never use them again

Anonymous said...

I have had a bit of a time with this company. My fridge freezer broke down, when i called the number inside i got put through to them. This was 12th december 2013. they came out on 23rd dec and my defrost heater was broken, eingineer tole me to take panel off and defrost using a hair dryer and it would last a couple of weeks. It was fixed on 13th yes 13th of jan, and its now been written off after a total of 7 call outs since the initial call in december. I'm a bit unhappy with the delivery charge of £41 when most companies deliver for free. After reading comments i will be cancelling the dd with my bank.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been with DD for over 8 years now. I have never had a problem like the above. The only issue I had was how they offered comet vouchers for my old Kenwood Mixer which the repair center could not fix. Comet didn't have the size bowl of Kenwood we wanted, and we were willing to put additional cash also. So besides that no problems really but we usually only have small problems such as parts need replacing for vacuum cleaner/washing machine or dishwasher.

I was paying for one household items on 2 plans. The first time, they were like really we dont offer refunds blah blah.. I was refunded. but I dont see how D&G have any right not to refund me as they should look at the plans and see for themselves.

but then even more recent the CS was like 'yes I do understand sometimes customers pay for 2 which is unfair really' so there must be a change in the way they operate. they also suggested I place all the plans in 1. But the expiry differs so I have a prob there.

Happy :) said...

If you are happy, unhappy or just need some help with the protection you have with D&G please call them on 0800 597 8600 (Free from landlines but may cost from a mobile)

Alternatively you can write to them:
Customer Care Team
Domestic & General Group Limited
Leicester House
17 Leicester Street
CV12 8JP

I'd recommend that you phone because you can get help faster and call them around 10am as they seem to be less busy.

deckhanddave said...

This company is rubbish. I rang them initially and was 1hr 15minutes on the phone, mostly on hold. I emailed them and they say we aim to respond within 5 working days. 14 days and they never responded. I eventually rang them and got nowhere. Oh and that weirdly was another 1hr 15 minutes too. I am reliably informed, by their escalation team rep 'Leon' that I can't speak to a manager, in fact he refused flatly to put me through to one and left me with no other option other than to speak to him.He made me an offer that I could refuse and did. I apparently have no other recourse now, than to seek legal advice.

Why all this? my electric oven blew. It took 1 hour 15 minutes to get a repair sorted and the first day available was 1 week hence. The day came and the company repair man said he had to order parts and it would be another week.I realised I had a very important hospital appointment regarding my heart failure that day so rang the repair company to ask them to make it the afternoon. They couldn't do this even though I explained and said I could re-schedule for the following Tuesday, I declined. They then said if I missed it it could be another week before they could attend. That would make 3 weeks without an oven. I continually emailed D&G with my complaint but they never bothered to contact me. They have a back log! Today, the day before the repair was due I received a phone call from the repair company cancelling the appointment. The parts didn't arrive and they can't say when they will. So another 1 hr 15 minute call and I am offered £100 as apology and I have to wait up to another two weeks before they will do anything else. That's the offer I declined.

So, in answer to Happy posting Customer Care Team I think it should read Customer Despair Team. I do however have the option to cancel my replacement warranty tying me to them for another year and to cancel the new TV warranty I just took out. A financial loss to them of approximately £515 for the next 12 months. That made me feel better.

Anonymous said...

I notice the last blog seems to be July last year so hope you're still out there.
I had an ongoing problem with D&G from November last year trying to get a replacement Washer/Dryer they had very quickly decided was necessary.
They are crap! It took ages to get through to them and then over an hour to get through to Resolutions, who even then offered me a call back because they were so busy!
When I finally got through to them (because they didn't call me back)I was about to go abroad for December into early January. It was very clear that they couldn't replace before, even though this had been going on for nearly a month without getting through to Resolutions. I agreed with them to definately call me on 11th January when I returned, but it didn't happen.
I called them on 12th January and it took many angry conversations before I finally got through to their complaints department and agreed the replacement and date etc.
On first delivery date, now in February, they had messed up the instructions to the delivery people who only had delivery on their records, despite me having paid for disconnection of old/installation and removal of old. The washer went back and more angry conversations with D&G
2nd delivery date they arrived without instructions to disconnect!
More angry conversations with D&G.
After much distress/inconvenience and stress the deliverer's manager finally agreed to instruct him to disconnect so the installation and removal could go ahead.
All along the way I was asking for a complaint number from D&G which took forever but I did finally get one and alerted the Financial Ombudsman to my problems.
They did send me a complaint form and I sent all the documentary evidence too.
Here's the rub - it turns out that the Financial Ombudsman has around 130 cases of complaint against D&G and D&G are arguing that they are Service Agreements not Insurance Agreements. When the original policy expires they switch them to their Service Group where they become Service Agreements.
The Ombudsman is deciding as we speak as to whether they come within their remit or not. If they decide they are and they have to have a strong case then presumably D&G will dispute this through the court process I guess.
I have chosen to leave my case with the Ombudsman to add to their evidence and I would advise everyone who has a complaint with D&G to contact the Ombudsman.
This is important if anyone is ever to get any kind of recompense for D&Gs appalling behaviour with their customers
Meanwhile, the reason clearly that they are continuing to treat customers badly is because they are aware that at the moment they are arguing that they aren't regulated by anyone and can do what they want without regulation
If the Ombudsman fails in their endeavours (and there are other companies I understand who are in a similar position) then I will take them to the small claims court which is everyone's right for a small cost.
Everyone should get on the message with this and put pressure on D&G and the Ombudsman to fight this, otherwise such companies will continue to carry on their business in this appalling manner without anyone to answer to except the small claims courts, where most don't usually go because they give up under the pressure.
Go to the Ombudsman folks who are in a better position to fight these people than we! I understand from the Chief Executive in an earlier blog that there are some 5000 complaints here. Just imagine the strength to the Ombudsman's case if they all go to the Ombudsman.

deckhanddave said...


I'm still out here (Deckhanddave)

Eventually, D&G gave in and increased their offer. It took quite some time and over two months without an oven. The ombudsman followed my case with some interest and I believe was then considering whether to look at their definition of warranty and service agreement. I had to send several registered letters to them and two letters of intent before action before they got their finger out. In the end I got the last three months premiums refunded with the agreement continuing, for that three months, free of charge. A new oven(of their choosing) and compensation for the aggro. I decided not to renew my policy with them as the annual premium is about the same I could pick up a replacement for any one of my items for. Example being the new oven, I could have bought it for £250 at the time with the premiums being £330 approx.

I do wonder if they gave you the same Bull**it they gave me about the poor telephone responses? They are upgrading the system to a far better one for the future? The other thing that pi**es me about Hoover Hotpoint D&G etc is their 5 or 10 year parts warranty, only valid if you use their repairers which coincidently costs more for a call out than to buy their policy! I call that blackmail or at least an unfair and disadvantaging T&C which is supposed to be illegal!

Please post back and let me know how you are getting on with this. I would like to watch how it pans out. I also have all my correspondence with them still.

Unknown said...

Hello there i have taken out insurance o my washing machiene and have been paying this over a year the guy who got me to insure it said after a year i would be entitled to a brand new washing machiene as the insurance would of basically covered cost of a new one this is what sold me the i surance in the 1st place does any body know if this is correct please help ? If this is untrue is there anything i can do ?

TheChiefExecutive said...

Unknown - I'm unsure from your post what situation you are in. If your machine has broken down in the first year it should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If the machine was old and the policy was new it is unlikely your policy will provide you with a new machine. If you genuinely believe you were 'miss-sold' the policy by a salesman you should contact the insurance provider and make a formal complaint. If you strongly believe you were given the wrong information, but the insurance provider denies your claim you can contact the Insurance / financial Ombudsman (google) who will investigate your claim.

D.W. Roberts said...

Forget TV for ten days or buy a replacement.

Our Freesat set top box started to malfunction so I rang Argos under their extended warranty. They put me on to D&G who would fix it. After two and a half hours on the phone the best offer was to have the set top box couriered 200 miles and then fixed and couriered back. This would take ten days, they said. Meanwhile as a 77 year old partially disabled I can sit at home and stare at the walls. The next offer was to refund the price of the warranty so that I can buy a replacement. That is the end of me with D&G and Argos.